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His parents were slightly surprised, but they had never seen Light interact with biological infants or Little Infants.If he took regression suppression medication and pheromone blocking medication, making him present as a neutral, L could stay at Wammy’s House.Some were surprised by his Best of Fit range, which was six months through four years.The other employees noticed the change in L almost immediately.He was injured, apparently from crashing a car with the suspect's to catch him.Light and L, however, did not know that their plans would be shattered in a few short years. Bts x suicidal reader. Mr.Wammy assured them that L was just going through puberty and experiencing the ordinary hormonal effects of that. Wammy,” L apologized, though he knew he could not control it.L knew that he could not hide the classification from Wammy, so L went up to the man, nearly in tears, and handed him his classification papers.He turned his nose up when he saw Caregivers in public looking after their Littles, even though he wanted nothing more than to have someone take care of him in that way..L had never been a good sleeper, but now it seemed he only ever slept a few hours every three or four days.The explanation did not satisfy the employees; they had seen hundreds of children go through puberty.Watari is an abusive asshole in this one; you have been warned.They were meant to be good babies and controlled for the rest of their lives.He went case to case, putting away criminals and gaining a reputation as the world’s greatest detective.A dream that he would never want to wake up from.After Charlie spoke to L, Wammy decided to take him out of the orphanage for cases, and Charlie did not see L for three long years.L is just a sweet cinnamon roll who needs protection.Every day, he swallowed down bitter-tasting suppression medications and pheromone blocking medications.He would be bedridden for at least a few weeks, and because he could not take care of himself, Wammy decided to bring him back to Wammy's House when L could withstand travel.Once L was fully healed, Wammy took him back out to solve cases, and Charlie only saw him a few times every few years, and every time she did, he looked worse. Walking dead harry potter. All four of his grandparents were caregivers, as were his parents.L nodded, though he knew he could not tell Charlie this.He had always been a small child, but he was now so thin that it was concerning.She, however, did not know that this was Wammy's way of punishing L for his self-destructive actions.

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.Cliff used to cook almost all their meals, and of course, would feed James his most of the time.Comments: 8 Kudos: 40 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 1839

The diffusion the all-consuming light outside the cloud barriers that surrounded the core depths of Skyworld gave the walls a strangely radiant darkness to them, through their deepest shadows there was always radiantly deep blue glowing through them.Status update Post an update Tell the community what?s on your mind.Journal Post a journal Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.Commission Get paid for your art Sell custom creations to people who love your style.Poll Ask the community Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all.DA Muro Paint a picture Experiment with DeviantArt?s own digital drawing tools. Bumblebee cliffjumper. The shadows of a largely unlit chamber seemed to glow with all the warmth and energy of a moonlit night, where even the perpetual sunlit skies of the heavenly world outside still came through.Learn More Manage your personal settings.. Accept

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Wei Ying reaches for a clean bowl from the kitchen’s drying rack and proceeds to fill it with more soup (Wang Ji notes the oily fingerprints on the new bowl). “Mn.The warmth in his cheeks had spread slowly down his throat, and for a moment, he thought he might be coming down with a fever or a common cold.Lan Zhan, I’m going for a stroll outside,” Wei Ying said as he stretched with a pleasant “Nnnh” and patted his tummy.Have more!” “I’ve made a big pot just for you, so you have to finish it, Lan Zhan!” “Mn.Next, he recklessly dumps more pork ribs than lotus root into the bowl, probably for wanting to clear out the pot sooner (Wang Ji notes the amount of spills Wei Ying made). The mother dragon age. : As of Chapter 15, I've decided to name the chapters and include the timelines, in case anyone wants to avoid getting confused from navigating through timeskips.When he reached Wei Ying’s bowl, he noticed the leftover rice and some pieces of bittergourd.He leans back and pulls one leg up onto the chair.Then, he places it in front of the older man (Wang Ji notes how the new bowl is carelessly pushed against the one he was still having, causing more spills) and gestures him to, “Here, have more.However, due to the increasing number of plot elements and characters added in, it's best to read the chapters sequentially, rather than chronologically.Lan Wang Ji watches intently at how Wei Ying uses his hands to tear a steamed chicken thigh into two, and literally inhales the succulent meat off the bones.Wang Ji then takes a spoonful of the lotus root pork rib soup which Wei Ying specially prepared for their meal. “Go now,” Wang Ji said.Thank you for taking the time to read, and please enjoy Wangxian.The ruckus and excitement eventually die down, and both men tuck into their soup peacefully to their (mostly Wei Ying’s) satisfaction.g.As this will hopefully be an eternal work-in-progress as long as Wangxian is alive, do check back often for updates.It is a fair price to pay (for the one who will be doing the dishes) to watch his younger lover enjoy a satisfying meal after a long back-breaking day.Please put in a Kudos if you appreciate the existence of this fic.Lan Wang Ji squeezed soapy water from the washcloth and resumed his kitchen clean-up.He usually keeps to a vegetarian diet, although ever since they started living together, he had been increasing his consumption of fish (his favourite, so far), freshwater shrimp and limited amounts of chicken and eggs from their modest farm.. Voltron comics. Also, some chapters may be edited even after posting to keep the stories in line.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.These stories are not always sexual, although they are mostly the object of sexual fantasies and dreams.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 183.The object of the bondage is to render the victim unable to remove themselves from the tickling, as well as rendering the ticklish areas of the victim vulnerable.See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. Yondu Udonta x. This would be done to leave a desired area of the body bare and vulnerable to the tickling, in a way that the victim would not be able to remove this area from the tickling, and would have to simply endure.This may not be extreme tickling, but could include prolonged tickling upon a sensitive area until the victim has released the required information.The Modulated Scream: Pain in Late Medieval Culture.This enables the torturer to use whatever they want, e.The very small amount of related documentation discovered thus far originates from England and the United States.g.JSTOR ( July 2011 ) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message ).At first the prisoner forced himself to keep silent, while his eyes twitched in fear and torment from one SS man to the other. p. ( May 2019 ) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message ).The action succeeded in them finding the location of their comrade, Sakura Haruno. ISBN 978-1-84624-203-8.This can be due to the length of time they are tickled, the intensity of the tickling or the areas that are being tickled.

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“Hey Potter, how’s the hand?” He taunted, his friends laughing as if he told the funniest joke in the world.She pulled and pushed it back and forth until Harry took up sucking on it himself.You had everyone very worried.She pulled the blankets down the whole way and Harry shivered slightly with the breeze coming in.Now he was in a different universe where he is a toddler, Draco is his older brother and Snape is his biological Dad.What actually happened back in potions, and where was he. Three Houses Dorothea Tea Party Guide. His hand was killing him from all the lines with the blood quill and to make matters worse, his first-class this morning was with Snape, who just happened to hate him as well.He bit at his thumb as he tried to come to terms with what was said to him- a habit he was trying to break- getting the attention of Madame Pomphrey again, who was doing his check-up.Harry didn’t want to ignore him though and instead took out his wand, pointing it at Malfoy.He couldn’t deny the comfort it gave him though.There was no way he was going to get over the side before she was alerted.He must have made some sort of movement or sound because Madame Pomphrey was right there a second later, “Harry, dear, you can open your eyes now.If Snape had his way he would have been expelled years ago.It’s around the time you usually nap anyway and I’ll be back.They both cast their spells at the same time, just as Snape walked into the room and let out a bellow.His Daddy? What weird ass fetish dream was this.Comments: 217 Kudos: 842 Bookmarks: 150 Hits: 13955.You hit your head and had to be rushed here.You were playing with your Daddy’s potions and mixed two together, setting off an explosion.Why was she asking such a silly question.Her voice took on the cadence you often heard when adults were speaking to young children or babies.They all took their seats across from the Slytherins and waited for Snape to come in.I’ve asked Dobby to bring you your favourite meal while we wait. Fire emblem 3 houses monica. You gave everyone such a fright.” Harry replied, trudging with the rest of his class down to potions. We’re used to Snape at least.It was enough for him to let his groggy eyes open and look up at the nurse who had an indulgent look on her face.He didn’t want to be late or Snape would have his head and Harry just wasn’t in the mood today.Of course, that gave Malfoy ample time to mock him.He didn’t even care that it was a diaper, just once he was covered he was fine. He hadn’t slept a wink last night so this was going to be torturous.

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Dia felt happy as she tried to follow along to the choreography.Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai (Anime).She started her bath and went under the sink to retrieve bubble bath soap.She felt big enough to put away all her little space stuff.She started to get little but she wasn’t done yet.She puts on training briefs and a train themed onesie. Fire Emblem. She was content with playing by herself but she wouldn’t mind someone with her.Going from saving a princess from a dragon to a simple hang out.Making up adventures with her toys playing as her friends in Aqours.So calmly that she fell asleep for an hour.As for a final touch, a blue paci with a paw on it.Once she’s done, she rinses off the bubbles and drained out the water.School Idol Festival ALL STARS (Video Game) Love Live.Before she forgot, she snapped a picture on her phone for herself.Once the live was over, she turned on her favorite show and calmly watched.Some will be one character or no more than three.She’ll just have to wait until next time.She lays out an old blanket on the floor so she can be comfortable on the floor.She takes out toys, bottles, pacis, diapers, and clothes.She puts a generous amount into her bath then her bath friend, a pirate rubber ducky.Then she puts on colorful socks and a red hair band.Getting increasingly more excited with every item that comes out.She went back to her room and did exactly that. Wolfgang grimmer. .Age play is sexual.Dia picked up the pace with getting her regular clothes on.Dia still had a little bit of time before the rest of her family got home.This is just a stress relief so updates will be inconsistent but I hope you stick around.Dia gets in and enjoys the bath and plays with her first mate. Age regression is used as a coping technique and or for fun.She went into her small pile of toys and played to herself.She greedily drank from her bottle as she finished blowing off steam.She sang and danced along with the members of muse.She changed her regular hair clips for star themed hair clips.She turned off the tv and sang to herself as she cleaned up her toys.Dia was a little upset having to take off her little clothes, but it couldn’t be helped.She smiled to herself at how adorable she felt.Once all her toys were put away in a matter that her headspace can handle, she took a change of clothes with her to go take a bath.Taking out the items in the bag so she can safely get into little space without disturbs.She got a small rush of energy so she turned on a muse concert on the DVD player.

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The smart thing to do would be to buy pull-ups and wear them to bed, but his face got hot just thinking about it.” Peter silently nodded, stomach churning with a fresh bout of anxiety.He didn’t know if he’d be able to self-soothe and take care of himself for much longer.Then, on their fifteenth birthday, they would receive a letter indicating their classification.He submitted to the huge hug that Aunt May bestowed on him, blinking rapidly to keep the tears at bay. You couldn’t even get to the next grade in school without having your classification on file. Harry du bois. She paused a moment, likely to gather her purse and coat, and then left.He climbed the steps to the appropriate building and joined a small line-up of other teenagers and their parents.Peter took it and numbly moved off to the side.It had cost him almost fifty bucks to get a good quality one, but the mat had saved his mattress several times over.Caregivers were physically stronger than normal humans. “Name?” the clerk asked.He kissed her cheek and said good-bye, and then listened to the sound of her walking into the living room.. Stark.This was really getting out of hand. Mr.And so, that was where the Littles of the world came in. “And Happy Birthday!” Peter pinched his lips together rather than answer.As soon as the door was shut behind her, Peter jumped into the shower and hastily scrubbed himself down.He laid it back over the mattress to dry and then went into the kitchen to do the dishes. Stark, but the little time they had spent together had shown that.

Part of him didn’t want to know, but he was experienced enough with life to know that not wanting to know something didn’t make whatever it was go away.He ended up shivering through a too-cool shower, clumsily washing his body and hair.Whatever the case, Tony eventually climbed out of the shower and patted himself dry.He lacked the control over his bladder and bowels that most other children his age had long since obtained.There was no sight of Jarvis when Tony eventually left the bathroom, and he made his way to his bedroom alone.It’s not right. 300+ BEAVIS and BUTTHEAD ideas in 2020. Those feelings stuck with him now. “What? Where on earth did you hear that?” “That’s what Father said,” Tony said, looking over Jarvis’s shoulder at the floor.His beloved bear, with golden fur and brown eyes.It's clocking in at about 52,000 words right now and there is still a little ways to go, but I feel comfortable beginning to post it now.He allowed Jarvis to pick him up and automatically looped his legs around Jarvis’s waist, leaning his head on Jarvis’s shoulder.” “Maybe,” Tony murmured, unconvinced. “Of course,” Jarvis said with a smile, standing up. “There are different classifications in the world.Howard openly scorned those people.On his rare shopping trips with Ana and Jarvis, he had seen some people who looked like grown adults but who acted like children of varying ages. “I can do it,” he said.Tony needed to look out for himself.It was the expression that he wore when he was going to tell Tony something very serious.The exact opposite of how he was supposed to be feeling, considering his grown-up accomplishments tonight.

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